Timothy Shieff


Hi, my name is Timothy Shieff, formerly of the Mesquite and Off the 10 Sports. I’m going out solo now, because I don’t like being told ‘no’. I’m not your average sports fan with an opinion; I’m a sports fan with an opinion and my own website. That makes me dangerous. 

I’ve worked in stuffy newsrooms and noisy call centers long enough! No longer will I answer to somebody who answers to somebody else. No more will my words be diluted by mindless scripted replies, or grounded by editors who want me to focus on what the people want to read about. 

I wanted to be a writer to express my feelings about the world of sports. This isn’t about money or power or fame. This is about principles, conviction and the truth. The buck stops with me now. Catch me on twitter @SharkbaitShieff